Why work at Balark?

The success of Balark is not built overnight, but it is the effort of every single person who has contributed towards the growth of building this company to where it stands today on a global stage.  


Our team of more than 250 employees is self-motivated with an instilled sense of ownership towards their responsibilities at work. This reflects in our low attrition rate and high retention ratio of our employees over these years. We have many team members who have been working with Balark for more than 25 years and yet have the humility to welcome new members with the utmost compassion. Our top management is easy-going and approachable. We have a diverse team from all facets of backgrounds in terms of language, ethnicity, and educational background in managerial, commercial and technical fields. 


Employees’ mutual respect, dignity and empathy are at the core of our organizational culture. The mental and Physical well-being of our employees is our top priority. Occupational health check-ups and mental health sessions are held annually for our employees.  


We believe that work, learning and fun must happen simultaneously. We have recreation areas where employees play games; training workshops and team bonding activities are held regularly, and the area is utilized to rest when in need during breaks.

How to apply?

Our headquarter is located in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. Jamnagar is recognized as a hub for producing the best brass metal products in the manufacturing domain all across the globe. Balark stands to be one of the most systemized and process-oriented organization when it comes to our work culture and people’s management.  


If you are an individual who aspires to work for a manufacturing company that produces quality-based brass metal engineering products that are being exported worldwide then you are at the right door.  


We accept applications from prospective candidates from various backgrounds such as Engineering, Accounting, Managerial (Marketing, Human resources, sales etc.), IT, machine operators, carpenters, job workers etc.  


If you feel our work connects with your individual professional goals, please send us your CV/Resume to hrd@balark.com. Your application will be saved in our database, and if your profile matches our requirements, we will get in touch with you.